The Mad and Terrible Arkansan


From Earth Science Picture Of The Day; July 29, 2014:

Full Moon of July 2014
Photographers: Top - Alvaro Ibanez Perez, Bottom - Pal Vardi Nagy; Summary Authors: Alvaro Ibanez Perez, Pal Vardi Nagy, Jim Foster

The photo above shows the full Moon rising over Daganzo de Arriba, near Madrid, Spain on July 12, 2014. The Moon always looks huge when it lies just above the horizon, but July’s full Moon may have looked even bigger than normal because it was closer. It happened to be in the full phase when it was close to the Earth. Because the Moon’s orbit is elliptical, its distance from Earth varies, and thus so does its apparent size. The bottom photos captured from Cluj-Napoca, Romania, nicely illustrates the difference in size between the perigean full Moon of July 11 and the full Moon of February 15, 2014, when it was near apogee. July’s full Moon appeared approximately 15 percent larger and 25 percent brighter than February’s moon.